Sunday, 6 March 2011

Montego's on the bay - 20 FEB 2011

What an amazing afternoon !!

The first ever Authentic Brazilian Barbecue on the Sunshine Coast.

Thanks to everyone who ventured out and experienced the very first Authentic Brazilian Barbecue on the Sunshine Coast at Montego's on the bay.

No doubt a tremendous success with many happy and satisfied faces leaving the premises after a few hours of pure indulgence and many agreeing that it was “a treat not to be forgotten.” 

Profiled Artist
Evangeline Cachinero (

It is ART that bring us TOGETHER.

In every Art of Barbecue event we have a guest artist of a kind contributing to the overall ambiance and mood of the day. This time around we've had the pleasure to showcase the work of local Sunshine Coast emerging artist Evangeline Cachinero. An eye-catching and inspiring selection of her work was placed around the event for the joy of all. 

Following are the pieces that were displayed on the event.


Now, food...

Art for Art Sake - An 'All-You-Can-Eat' Gourmet Experience

On the table...

Farofa Coarse cassava flour cooked with bacon, garlic, red onion, egg, black olives and parsley leaves. This is used as a dip for juicy and fatty meat cuts !!

Vinaigrette Brazilian style salsa made with mixed peppers, onion, tomatoes, parsley, vinegand oil

Marinated Kalamata Olives

Polenta Chips Crunchy bite sized polenta chips with rosemary salt and parmesan cheese 

Mandioca Frita Cassava chips drizzled with garlic butter

On the buffet...

Green Salad Garden salad with radish, artichoke hearts, pimiento, fresh herbs and red onion 

Moema’s Salad Shredded carrot with coriander, sultanas, and olive oil and egg 

Carreteiro Rice Flavoursome southern Brazilian traditional rice dish. Long grain rice cooked with a mix of meats, tomato, paprika and coriander

Salada de Batata Potato salad with aioli, spring onion, capers, dill, lemon and a touch of chili 

Good Aussie Roast Roast pumpkin, sweet potato, red pepper, potato and char grilled corn 

Salada de Palmito Palm hearts, tomato, radish, red onion and fresh herbs 

White Delight White asparagus drizzled with herb oil and roasted garlic 

Lisa’s Treat Smoked pimiento with goat cheese, pine nuts and rocket

Carvings from the fire...

AoB LinguiƧa Traditional Brazilian style sausage with pork, paprika, garlic, pork fat and flavoursome herbs

Seasoned Winglets Crispy seasoned and char grilled chicken wings. Like it a bit hot? Try with 
the chilli infused olive oil from the buffet

Chicken Hearts Described as Brazil’s mainstream barbecue delicacy, chicken hearts is exquisite as it sounds. Rubbed with rosemary infused olive oil, fresh lemon and rock salt. Try them dipping into the famous Farofa...

Beef Spare Ribs Slow cooked spare ribs served on the bone.

Picanha A not-so-known meat cut that is a must in all Brazilian barbecue occasions. Thick slices of rump cap seasoned with rock salt 

Bacon Wrapped Rump Cap Delicious fatless rump cap wrapped with smoked bacon 

Maminha Tri-tip seasoned with a variety of AoB’s own rubs. 

Pineapple On A Skewer Grilled with a hint of cinnamon this delicious serve brings additional flavours to the mix

A delicious gourmet buffet with a variety of Brazilian dishes each with a unique explosion of flavour and freshness. These salads were prepared by the talented staff of Montegos on the bay under direction of Chef Lisa Speed from Melbourne whose creativity and attention to detail greatly contributed to an amazing culinary experience. Thanks Lisa!!

Of course, the barbecue to enrich and challenge your senses.

Taste – Lean local meats that are pure protein are cooked to leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more. If you’re not the biggest fan of steak, buffet aside, there is the unforgettable good old Queensland pineapple sprinkled with cinnamon and cooked over fire leading to an exotic taste in your mouth. 

Touch – Get in touch with your wild side! If it is to try something new, like the chicken hearts, which aren’t exactly most foodies first choice of food, give it a chance... they actually taste amazing, honest opinion. The barbecue event is also a great way to catch up with friends and family, even meet new people from different backgrounds and diverse cultures.

Smell – Where to begin. The mouth watering smell of smoky charcoal meats you can smell as you enter the location and throughout the entire experience keeps your appetite wanting more and more. 

Sight – Just looking at the food leads to temptation. Also the sight of great people and inspiring art around you is an excitement in itself. Our experienced 'carvers' always serve with a smile in their face and are personal to each and every person. They have pride and love for what they achieve. 

Art of Barbecue™ events brings locals and visitors from all over together to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere that is culturally rich and gourmet by nature.

Last but not the least... the DRAW !!

On March 7th, 2011 we will announce the lucky winner who will take home one of our top two entertainers - the California Grill or the Arizona Grill. We will randomly pick one of the cards that were left on the lucky pot ! The winner will be notified soon after... and those weekend barbecues will never be the same again.

Thanks everyone and hope to see you on our upcoming events. Keep an eye on our website an Facebook page and be there.

Obrigado and tchau for now! 

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