Thursday, 7 April 2011

Montego's on the bay - 27 MAR 2011

Yet another great day on the Sunshine Coast !!

Coast residents had another opportunity to try our traditional Brazilian barbecue on Montego's on the bay. Despite all the action in town with the Mooloolaba Triathlon on March 27th many ventured to the island for a gourmet afternoon Brazilian style. 

Thanks everyone who joined us!

Art Brings Us Together was the theme of the day which combined the talent of local artist Evangeline Cachinero and her beautiful frames with a mouth watering selection of salads, side dishes and charcoal grill premium cuts. Thanks Van for your contribution!

Check some of her work on our previous post. 

On the Buffet...

This time around we had some additions to our delicious buffet. Here they are:

Lisa’s Treat (Chef Lisa Speed) Pimientos, Labnah, spiced almonds and micro herbs

Sweet Potato Medallions Caramelized

Couscous with pickled eggplant, pimiento and cauliflower

Chickpea seasoned with fresh basil, olive oil and a dash of lime

Primavera Salad Spinach, mixed leaves, corn kernels, diced carrots, mixed seeds and yogurt dressing

Here are some images from the day...

Nambour pineapple from Don's plantation. That is before hitting our grill and being rubbed with butter and cinnamon for everyone's delight. Yes, YUMMY !!

Salad is good for ya !! Call it a 'Vegetarian dream'... our buffet was a surprise for many people as the word barbecue implies lots of meat. Despite being true, balance and full flavors will come from mixing and matching delicious salads and side dishes with each type of meat we serve... 

Our own Calabresa Sausage is becoming known around the place and a few people wouldn't settle without us bringing some more to the table. 

 Beef Ribs... slowly cooked, smoked to the bone and sprinkled with rock salt. Don't need more really...  

Also our the popular crispy Chicken Wingettes could not be left out... Marinated overnight with good old beer, turmeric, fresh lime juice and olive oil these nibbling goodies give an edge and lots of appetite. 

Wanna see what was cooking?

An then... FREEBIES !!

In every event we give away a MOR Charcoal Grill so that someone out there can get started with this distinctive cooking style and impress family and friends with a Brazilian Barbecue of their own... We will soon be announcing the lucky winner who will take home one of our top two entertainers - the California Grill or the Arizona Grill. We will randomly pick one of the cards that were left on the lucky pot ! The winner will be notified soon after... and those weekend barbecues will never be the same again.

Thanks everyone and hope to see you on our upcoming events. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for some exciting events that are on the making.

Obrigado and tchau for now! 

Supported by:

Special thanks to the team from Montego's on the bay...

Chef Lisa Speed
John  Godfrey
Shaun Pritchard
Haylee Hampson
Dasha Costin
Rani Thompson
Rocky Araki
Ben Cabangun

... and our guest carver Marcelo Atique.